Reduce Your Overhead

ContractorText streamlines communications throughout your organization to make sure everyone gets the message on time. Your workers may not get e-mail on the go, and it takes time to contact a large group. By sending a broadcast text message to custom groups, your employees can perform their duties more efficiently, paving the way for higher profits.


Increase Your Efficiency

ContractorText makes communicating with workers in the field easier than ever. How many times have you needed to update a group of people, resorting to slow mass texting, e-mails that are never opened, or time consuming phone calls? With ContractorText, you can send one message instantaneously to as large of a group as you need.


Lose Your Headache

Best of all, ContractorText works through the internet, meaning you only need a computer! Reduce the impact on your cellular bill and increase productivity with this useful tool. We designed ContractorText for contractors and construction companies. Now you or your assistants can easily change the time of a meeting, update the location of a job, or send any communiqué you need.